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      Together with our partners for more than 10 years, we have decided to offer 20 units for sale in this package consisting of 4 active oil wells, which together have a daily production of 45-50 barrels/oil.

      The wells have a good history of stable production and there are still good amounts of reserves that can be extracted at a later date when we have finished producing from the current formations.

      As stated, we offer 20 units, each of which cost $20,000.- Min. investment is $5000.- (0.25 unit) for this amount you get the following.

      - Ownership of 4 active oil wells, with good history and stable production
      - A Net Revenue Interest of .70 in each well per unit
      - Monthly production reports
      - A good stable operator who is himself a co-owner
      - R.O.I. at current oil prices 18 - 25% per year.
      - The investment can be written off with approx. 50% for the current year and 14.29% the subsequent, ongoing operating costs can be written off 90-100% each year.

      So if you are interested in getting a return on your capital, with monthly/quarterly dividend payments. Then here is a unique opportunity to participate in and with a low risk profile.

      You are probably asking yourself, why are they selling out? very simply, we are in the process of raising capital for the purchase of new leases, wells and equipment and for this purpose, capital must be used and we do not want debt in our business, so everything must be purchased CASH.

      Write-up alle 4 well click here

      Contact Mads Andersen for more information.

      Thanks in advance

      EnerGyne Resources

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