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      EnerGyne Resources is an Energy company with a main focus on building low risk investments opportunities in shallow to midsize oil wells (Re-Entry) or producing wells, in Texas and Louisiana. Our projects are aimed at companies, CEO´s, high net worth individuals, people looking for tax breaks, and those who just want to try to expand their portfolio and see oil and gas as a good opportunity for this, keep in mind with our investments, you get the option of monthly/quarterly dividend payments, from the wells you participate in. At the same time with good depreciation options, to reduce the tax burden, it's a win win opportunity
      With a team that together have more than 50 years of experience in putting together projects in the energy sector, with a main focus on oil and natural gas projects. YOU are in good hands, when it comes to participating in projects. Where everyone works to achieve the highest possible return, with the least risk. That this can succeed in an industry like oil and gas, requires our loyal partners, this applies to both our operators and investors who everyone is 100% supportive, of the business model we have developed over the years.

      Current Projects Open For Funding:



      Mr. Andersen, on a field visit to Louisiana back in November 2023, where we reviewed various fields and wells in connection with the composition of our In-House projects, including Larto & Forster#1.

      Mr. Andersen, Founder & President

      Ive been in the oil and gas business for almost 20 years, creating and funding lower risk, multible oil well projects in Texas & Lousiana. 
      This with main focus on creating investment projects for our investors who wants to invest from $5000.- to obtain ownership in the wells.
      Our business model is built on a common goal by achieving the greatest possible return for our investors, with the belief that happy investors are loyal investors....: )
      Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that we may come across. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our investors built on trust and mutual understanding.


      Mr. Larsen out in the field in Oklahoma where we participated in a 15,000 foot well a few years ago.

      Mr. Larsen, Co-Founder & investor relations

      Mr. Larsen, has also been in the oil industry for almost 20 years, so together we have close to 40 years of experience in this industry. Mr. Larsen, has worked to raise capital for oil projects for many years now, this with great success both with American investors and those from Europe and Scandinavia. When we raise capital, it is exclusively for US oil projects, then both growth and jobs are created in the US, and we only use US operators and employees for our projects.


      Another busy day at the office in Houston Texas where Rob is based.

      Rob Ogletree, Business Development Consultant (US) & Investor advisor 

      Over the years, Rob has worked in the wireline industry and in exploration & production for major oil companies. As a contract auditor for major oil & gas clients, he has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in overcharges. He has also assisted in funding various joint ventures and drilling programs. Having contributed to many projects over the years, Rob is a valuable asset for our North American, South American and European investor relations. He is functioning as a Business Development Consultant for our North American clients.Rob graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He has been married for 50 years with three children and a host of grandchildren.
      Rob has taken a short break from this industry, but has been looking for the perfect match for a while, who could both use his skills and meet his requirements for a business partner, both in terms of the quality of the projects, ethics, openness, etc. .
      Contact Information:
      Cell: +1 281-658-3137

      Terms you need to know before investing

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      To mineral owners

      Revenue generally received by a mineral owner from the production of oil or gas, free of costs (except taxes).

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      What are they ?

      The costs of operating a well to produce oil & gas.


      If you have any questions, contact us by using the form or the email below:


      202 N Cedar Ave
      Suite #1
      Owatonna, MN 55060


      Phone: +1 - 612-351-4414

      European office: EnerGyne Resources                                Soren Frichs Vej 38 K, 1st floor.                                8230 - Denmark                                Reg. Id: 33502036                                  Phone: +45 82 13 09 00                                  Fax. nr. +45 72 62 25 24 

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