We currently have these opportunities to invest in Texas

      If your oil company is looking for capital from external investors for the development of oil projects, then we can most likely help raise capital. We have access to a large network of investors who have already invested through us in smaller oil companies' projects in the US, and they are always open to new opportunities within the sector.

      However, there are the following requirements before we will spend time looking at your projects.

      1. You must have 100% on your reg at RRC such as P4 and P5
      2. You must have liability insurance on all your leases and wells on them
      3. You must min. own 50% working interest yourself
      It must be re-entry projects, active production or a combination of these.
      5. It must be at least 10 wells on the lease to be developed to achieve a good risk spread.
      6. There must be a specified budget for the workover cost you expect to be on the project, preferably on each well, as well as other equipment you think needs to be renovated or replaced.

      If you can live up to these few points, we can initiate a dialogue and see if we can find out a business model that fits into our model.

      So if you would like to enter into a dialogue, send an email to moc.secruoserenygrene%40ofni and send your current projects and plans, and documentation in accordance with point. 1

      Then we look forward to talking to you, about the further course.

      Thanks in advance

      EnerGyne Resources

      Rodriguez Drill Deal#1 - 2 wells - CURRENTLY FUNDING THIS PROGRAM - OPEN TO NEW INVESTORS!
      Development drilling program with potentially 100 shallow wells to be drilled on our lease.

      f you are looking for investment with great tax benefits, you have found that we plan to drill up to 100 wells over the coming years on our lease in Southeast corner of LaSalle County TX. We already have anout 30 shallow oil wells producing in this area.
      Our partner and operator is actually willing to provide the investor with a guarantee of producing oil wells ie.
      Should we drill a dry hole then this oil well will be replaced by a new well, this until the investor has achieved active production on the number of wells originally included in this first project (2 wells). This way, the investor runs a very small risk, considering that these are new wells, but in a highly documented area.
      The price per percent in the first 2 oil wells will be $ 4350 for 1% working interest, with an NRI (net revenue interest) of 82% (on the 100% ), as we and our partner retain 60% of the ownership. Only 40% working interest will be offered, this can be purchased by new investors.

      Economics for the 2 wells, see below:

      Est. monthly operating expenses: $ 500.00 (2 wells)
      Electricity, supervisor (our own operator/partner) and possibly chemicalsand other small things to the wells etc.
      Oil tax per Barrel: 4.60%
      Royalty / mineral owner: 18.00%
      Est. total production: See economic´s (between 2 wells)
      Project Break-Even: $ 5.00 per barrel with 10 BBL/Day
      Price per 1.00% Working Interest: $ 4,.350.00
      Net Revenue interest / NRI: 82.00% (Percentage of gross income)

      Est. Cashflow / Returns annually based on:

      Daily production Est. Cashflow / Yearly:
      15 BBL $ 1.653,00 ( 38,4 %)
      18 BBL $ 1.991,00 ( 45,4 %)
      20 BBL $ 2.216,00 ( 83,3 %)
      40 BBL $ 4.446,00 ( 102,00 %)
      50 BBL $ 5.572,00 ( 128,00 %)
      60 BBL $ 6.699,00 ( 154,00 %)
      70 BBL $ 7.825,00 ( 179,00 %)
      80 BBL $ 8.951,00 ( 205,00 %)

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      EnerGyne Resources

      Pictures & video from the area where we have operation in place.



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