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      10-16-20October payout run, vil be made end October by our operator, this payout will cover the months March to September 2020 and the oil that was produce durring those month and sold by end september 2020.
      9-28-20The Stockard & Rodriguez fields are back producing, and we are flowing oil to the tanks. We also sold our oil in our tanks just about 2500 BBL´s payout from this sale will happen in October 2020.
      9-7-20 - We have updated our business terms as of sep. 7th 2020, following no. 16,17,18, & 19, two new ones have been added no. 20 + 21, you can read the terms via the link at the buttom section of the website as always.
      8-31-20 - Update on the Stockard & Rodriguez leases and production in tanks since late March 2020 until now, we are selling all the oil in the tanks that we have produced until now, on and off since Covid-19 hit the US and things where shoot in/down in the fields. In total we will be selling just around 2600 BBL at a price of $36.78 per BBL. Witch will give us a total gross revenue sale of just below 100 K, to be split between all investors, it going to amount to a nice little pay check for all...:) More news to come shortly.
      6-6-20 - Alle wells on the Stockard & Rodrediguez leases have now been turned online again, and are producing oil to the tanks, now that oil is close to $40, at this point we have close to 1700 BBL´s in our tanks that will be sold when prices return to $50, to give all a nice fat check...:) 
      5-7-20 - Now we have purchased the first 1200 barrels of crude oil and ready to fill them in our storage tanks until the price rises again, the video shows our quality test of the oil where we test for the water percentage in this case it was virtually zero, which means our seller is making a good seperation of the oil and water. If you would like to participate in these acquisitions and make money on the purchase of produced oil then you are welcome to contact us. See test video on YouTube
      5-5-20 - Our latest business opportunity is now open to our customers new and old to join, We have worked with our own buyer of our crude oil, developed a concept where it is possible for our customers to buy real produced crude oil from other smaller operators in our area who need to sell as they need to spend money on the daily operations of their oil wells. Contact us for more information about this exciting opportunity that will only be here for a short while.
      Everything is in place regarding storage of crude oil in tanks, insurance and more. all this goes out with our normal buyer of our own crude oil, so we follow all the rules around buying and handling crude oil.
      At least 170 barrels of crude oil must be purchased at a time as this is equivalent to a load on a truck.
      Contact us for more information about unique opportunities for the common man to be able to buy crude oil that is produced and not futures or options that have a high degree of risk associated with it.
      We have a limited amount of crude oil, and loads are sold under first come first served.
      Thanks, EnerGyne Resources & Partners
      3-31-20 - To all co-owners, our operator has decided that we are now holding back production and that we are collecting our oil in the tank (both the Stockard & Rodriguez projects) which we have enough of to see if the market does not come back with better prices, there is no need to give our black gold away, so rather wait 1-2 months and get $ 40 - 50 per barrel again.
      7-2-20 - First revenue check goes out to our investors in the Rodriguez & Stockard project for december oil production 2019. Looking STRONG
      15-1-20 - The new 29 well re-work project located on 5 different leases is ready for investors to invest in. click here for information. 

      23-8-19 - well re-work project update (Atascosa) - FULLY COMMITTED.
      Latest progress on adding more wells on to production, along with our operator we are now working on turning on yet another 7 wells by the end of september, this year. Work is on its way, we are laying down flowlines etc. as we speak, all will be put into the ground, so we dont have anyting laying around on the top surface, ones again making sure we follow the latest regulations from the Rail Road Commission (RRC). All pictures are on our linkedin and FB pages, click on the social link at the buttom of this page to see all or click here to see pictures of the wells.

      For more information go to our contact page.
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