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      Stockard Lease update- to all investors

      Stockard Lease update- to all investors

      Send: 24. august 2021 12:38

      To: info@energyneresources.com

      subject: Re: morning Matt, any updates for us the leases etc. ?

      Stockard lease will record as being run by longshot energy on the 28th.

      We started producing on the 16th. 2 wells running full time, 2.8bpd so far from those 2 wells. 8 wells in total working. Seems like flush production as it's been sitting for awhile. Were working over our first well now, started yesterday. a bit of a struggle coordinating with land owner to keep out of his way. Pump snapped at the rod box, so have to pull tubing today ti fish it all out. Injection well is still a bit of a mess.

      Will have to do a H5 on the injection well and H15 on the producers.

      More news to follow as we move along...

      To all those who would like to stay onboard with Longshot Energy as operator, do make contact to us we can get you sorted out with them etc.

      Thanks, EnerGyne Resouces