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      Lippincott#17 project - field updates

      Lippincott#17 project - field updates

      Been busy with the Cox 2 well which is now completed with a 72 sack gravel pack, GP, job and well

      took it all in record time of days and not weeks like the Smith well. This well is showing very oily and settling

      nicely and we should be starting to install surface equipment. This well had a submersible pump and we will

      install another one with a different setup. First, our screen needs to be installed before we run tubulars.

      The state is processing our new filings to place all our wells together under one single bond.

      All is good and will update you asap. How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and not in another lockdown.

      We are open here but, lot of politics here as usual.

      More news will follow including pitures and video´s from the field work...(note made by EnerGyne Resources)