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      Updated Field Report - Lippincott 17 & W2 Leases

      Updated Field Report - Lippincott 17 & W2 Leases


      We have the following work in progress/completed....Lippincott 17.

      Cox/McKeever Leases....

      Cox #8 & #13 are in production and pumping at a rate of 25 barrels of total fluid each. The rate is to seat the gravel pack in and not pull too hard to disturb new gravel placed into the formation. Both are very oily and the wells are giving back the formation water we used to gravel the wells.

      Cox #3 and #10 are about to come on line after the electrical completion of the submersible pump systems on both wells.

      McKeever & Whatley Leases:

      The #3 well will use the standard pumping system and Whatley has a submersible pumping unit. These two wells are ongoing to bring on line hopefully in the next 14 days.

      This will give a total of six wells on these three adjacent leases to be in production. We will be selling oil after the state of Louisiana sends off to

      us our R-4 forms. We will have a full load, 150+- barrels to sell.

      W2 Lease:

      This lease is not in as good shape as present to us and will take more time to clean up and update the new requirements of the electrical provider. Emergency on/off panels - 4 are required and new meter poles. Wells make nice oil production to our goals and nothing wrong far as producing.

      The problem is the previous operator/owner over pumped and most are sanded up and will take time to clean these wells to be able to gravel pack all.


      Labor is a huge problem more than equipment at this time....Covid relief government handouts are still present and people just do not want to work. This will stop eventually, when no one knows.


      There is nothing wrong with all of our wells producing good steady oil and will take more time than one imagined in the beginning. We have solid project/s and we should be happy with the end results.

      Update completed...

      Pete Lippincott