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      Latest news on the Lippincott#17 & W.2. projects field reports

      Latest news on the Lippincott#17 & W.2. projects field reports

      We have been approved for our 99 well master bond and wait for

      it to be issued hopefully this week. We have a load of oil to sell and our

      gatherer will be Truth Resources in Conroe, Texas. They are about 30 minute

      drive from where I reside. We could get a bonus for our oil due to being 22 gravity

      and possibly having lithium mixed in our oil.... They are running a test to see if it does.

      Cox/Mckeever Lease:

      We should have five wells pumping after Sam finishes up some electrical work. Two

      Cox, McKeever and the Whatley wells

      W2 Lease:

      We have bought a new SWD pump that will take all water for the project. The Bourne well

      sits across the hwy from the other 9 wells and a water line runs underneath the highway and connects

      to the SWD well at the Bourne Lease.

      We were informed that the Bourne has had a workover and never pumped because the previous owner

      never pumped it because he shut all wells down waiting for release from two partners. This deal has

      been sitting there for 5 years and never produced. It should do very well for us. Sam is installing the new

      SWD pump now and will turn on the Bourne well. It's electrical system is separate from the other wells and

      we could see 4-5bopd out of this fresh well. Sam is reseating the electrical master pole and will turn on the

      wells that will produce.... The wells that are not classified as strippers will need to be pumped and show proof

      they will only produce below 9bopd and area state man will sign off on them....Sam knows this guy and no problems.

      We hopefully will have 7 wells pumping within days and making money for our people including us....

      All in all great news on all fronts, production about to increase and oil prices are above $80...looking strong

      More news to follow as we get them,

      Thanks, EnerGyne Resources