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      Larto & Forster#1 - Second Load of crude sold - Remember stay Onboard get in!

      Larto & Forster#1 - Second Load of crude sold - Remember stay Onboard get in!

      Dear Investors,

      We have sold another load of crude oil, and we still have about 80 barrels in the tanks, so we will most likely sell two loads here in July for payment at the end of September.

      Despite some weather-related challenges in Texas and Louisiana, progress is quietly underway. Our work on Missiana #13 continues, with the gas line already laid to power our engine and a new oil flow line to our processing facilities. We are awaiting our excavator to move our Plato from well #10 to #13, as the former is rusted and unsafe for heavy equipment.

      Simultaneously, we plan to dig up the road to the field and build two side dams to prevent flooding during heavy rain.

      We anticipate active production on #13 soon, which will add to our daily revenue. Following this, we will commence work on the DC#1 well, the final well in this project.

      Remember to stay Onboard in! - Larto Lake#2 - Have you made up your mind?

      Regarding the right of first refusal, it has come to our attention that some individuals have not exercised their rights for the next three wells belonging to Larto Lake #2. Whether this is an oversight or not, please remember that there is still ownership available. Approximately 50% of the ownership has already been sold to investors who are interested in our success and business model.

      Please note that participation in the new project will grant the right of first refusal for future wells to be developed. To ensure participation, individuals must also join Larto Lake #2, with the same percentage as Larto&Forster #1 or a different percentage (minimum 1% - $8900). We hope to engage all of you to develop the entire area together, potentially enabling production of up to 1 million barrels through existing and new wells in the field.

      Link: https://energyneresources.com/larto_lake_2_english

      Thank you in advance for your support.

      Mads Andersen


      EnerGyne Resources