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      Field Report - Cox/Mckeever - 17Lippincott + W.2.

      Field Report - Cox/Mckeever - 17Lippincott + W.2.

      This is the latest report of  15 well January.

      We have 4 on Cox and 3 on McKeever plus Whatley for a total

      of 8 wells ready to pump after minor fixes on flow lines to the oil tank

      battery. I am not sure how many on W2 that will be ready. I will estimate

      there could be 3-4 wells. We have more to finish on Cox & McKeever to

      meet our total of 15 wells online by the end of this month.

      As I stated before, we are pumping all well to create a cash flow now since

      we have been approved by the state to operate and sell.

      After we finish this immediate project, we will go to the best producers and GP them all to increase productivity. The Smith well needs to be squeezed at 950' to block water leak in the casing pipe.

      So, we are about to start having a nice cash flow at good prices and make money for everyone.