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      *Draw Rules 1% Rodriguez Drill Deal # 1

      *To be eligible to participate in the 1% Rodriguez Drill Deal # 1 draw, the following conditions must be met.
      1. You must have min. 1% ownership in Charco Redondo + 2% ownership in Rodriguez Drill Deal # 1.
      2. 3% ownership in Rodriguez Drill Deal # 1.
      3. 2 % ownership in the Charco Redondo + 1 % Rodriguez Drill Deal#1
      4. New / old customers who want to participate in the projects must ensure that payment for their ownership is in our project account no later than 21-12-2020. to be able to participate in the draw for ownership.


      Anthony, from TXEP FUELS, wishes them good luck in the draw, and looks forward to many good years with a close and productive collaboration.

      Founder & President 

      **Subject to typing errors, as well as changes from the oil company or the authorities